Flying quad at Moes

moes export1 from Tyler Webb on Vimeo.

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ocean in snow canyon – animation test renders

Made with Blender 2.68, learning about some materials settings and the Ocean. Render with Timelapse sky, which also provides the light source.

Snow Canyon panorama was just for a sky reflection, but I decided to make it the background as well for a surreal flooding scenario. (Frame rate / animation rate wasn’t quite right, so first half is 12fps, second half is 24fps but moves too fast)

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Orb-weaver eating a Tarantula Hawk

DSC09706 (1)

Orb-weavers have taken up residence in our garden, and this morning I found one eating a Tarantula-Hawk! Very ironic, since the Tarantula-Hawk is a renowned spider-killer, thus the name.

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Landscape portraits for Matt and Jenn



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Theseus and the Minotaur – Concept art by Kiel Whitaker

I created this short animation to showcase some concept art by Kiel Whitaker. I would love to do something like this but with a larger more complex scene!

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Forex Contrarians Animation – Disclaimer and Logo

Modelled, rendered, and composited this short animation for Forex Contrarians, Inc. which is a very popular Foreign Currency Exchange tutoring program. This video goes at the beginning of each of the videos we produce for the students, along with a variety of music.

The main purpose of this animation, besides to create some visual interest and increase brand recognition, is to sneak in the Disclaimer, which is very important to include within certain regulated industries.

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Graphic Design for The Desert Rat

Graphic Design created for “The Desert Rat” the local Climbing and Outdoor Gear shop here in St. George, Utah.

Drawn by hand from Kangaroo Rat references, and then I created the vector graphic from the hand-drawn reference.


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Wedding Photos – Whitney and Nick


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Bridal photos – Todd and Lacy

toddlacymckenna_swinging1 todd_lacy_kiss_silhouette_1 lacy_livingedge_1

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Snow Canyon Panorama


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